Friday, December 7, 2012

on dita von teese.

i love this woman. you should, too.

"confidence is the important thing with beauty, mostly. it’s really about doing what you believe is beautiful. i feel most beautiful when i have my red lips on and when i have my cat eyeliner on and my hair curled—that’s what i feel good in, even though lots of people will see me with straight hair and no makeup on, and they’ll say i look so much younger. i don’t really care, though. i don’t care if they think i look prettier without the makeup and hair—it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. i like having makeup on; i like the discipline it requires. for example, i can’t just dive into a cheeseburger; i’ll have some nice grilled chicken…or a salad. although salad is hard to eat with lipstick on, too. [laughs] but there’s a discipline involved…you can’t touch your face with your hands as often, which is good, because you won’t get sick as often. it’s like wearing high heels: there’s a ladylike discipline involved with wearing high heels or a corset…or pencil skirts. suddenly you have to change the way you are in the world, and i think makeup and hair are a little like that."

dita von teese, as interviewed on into the gloss.