Monday, August 18, 2014

workout: august 15, 2014

a) every minute on the minute [e.m.o.m.] - 10 minutes:
  • odd minutes: 10 slamballs
  • even minutes: 8 abmat sit-ups
b) 3 rounds for time: 20 calorie row + 50 meter waiter's walk [right arm] + 20 wallballs + 50 meter waiter's walk [left arm] + 20 kettlebell thrusters + 2:30 rest
  • 6:35
  • 7:32
  • 6:56
c) 3x 50 meter sled pushes at 75 pounds

i think it goes without saying, but i'll say it anyway: wallballs are the bane of my existence. they require so much balancing throughout all of the foot muscles that by the time i get through 10, my feet are killing me. that's what happens when you have a bum tendon and corrected clubfeet, i guess. by the time i got to the thrusters i was out of fuel. my son also loathed the waiter's walks. he'd crawl after me , and then i'd get to the end of the gym to turn around and he would start to crumple up his face and wail as if to say, "i am BUSY trying to catch you, so would you PLEASE stay still?"

he's pretty eloquent for a little man with a 3-word vocabulary. 

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