Sunday, August 24, 2014

workout: august 22, 2014

a) as many rounds as possible [AMRAP] in 10:00:

  • 25 push presses with 55 pound barbell
  • 50 meter bear crawl
  • 25 russian kettlebell swings with 26 pound kettlebell
  • 50 meter bear crawl
2 rounds completed + 25 push presses, 50 meter bear crawl, and 7 kettlebell swings

b) "tabata" time on the airdyne: 30 seconds at 95% effort, 30 seconds at 50% effort for 10 minutes

c) skill work: max hang-time on the bar
  • 24 seconds
  • 15 seconds
  • 12 seconds
i can see why everyone loves gymnastics, and why my son will love the monkey bars. i wasn't very adventurous growing up, and i was afraid of heights, so i never really got into swinging from the jungle gym. i guess people change, though, because i had a blast just hanging from the bar. skill work also means that my coach thinks i am strong enough to start working [VERY SLOWLY] toward a pull-up. little victories = victories nonetheless. 

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