Thursday, August 14, 2014

workout [whoops]: august 14, 2014

i went to the gym today. i promise. and yet, in the midst of my thundercloud mood, i forgot to snap a photo of the whiteboard. SO! no details for y'all. rest assured we did part II of the back-squat cycle. then we did a lot of work on my arms: incline bench press, some trap work, strict press, bicep curls, and nose-breakers.

as for the frustration: maybe it's because it was an "arm day," or maybe i'm just wound a bit too tightly this week, but i was too "in my head" and not "in my body." or "in my muscles." that's probably just a fancy way to say that i wasn't focused AT ALL. i was chatty, and talkative, and smiling - but inwardly i just wanted to sweat and burn and NOT think.

i should point out that none of that is my trainer's fault. he's fantastic, as a person and as a trainer. it's my fault. i endured a long, infuriating weekend and i still haven't properly processed the whole mess, and so when i was working on arm strength today, there was enough unengaged brain space for my thoughts to circle back to the lingering blues.

thankfully tomorrow = conditioning. i always finish conditioning days in a pool of sweat on the floor while my son uses me as a jungle gym - and i honestly can't think of a better way to end this week, or any week.

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