Tuesday, September 30, 2014

life. it happens, sometimes.

suffice it to say - i HAVE been working out regularly. i've just been blog delinquent. between nursing a baby boy and a husband with shared sniffles, fighting off said sniffles with an arsenal of freeze-dried tangerines and copious morning lattes and texas chili [mamas don't get sick days, y'all], attempting to get a new year's moroccan pot roast recipe JUST. RIGHT, and generally trying to keep the house clean, i have been derelict in my data-recording diligence.

never fear. i'll be back to it on thursday. in the meantime, i have a cup of ginger tea brewing and a golden retriever DEMANDING my attention. hope everyone who celebrates has had a sweet beginning to their new year, and to everyone else, i hope fall is rushing your way with color and brightness!

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