Thursday, September 4, 2014

workout: september 2, 2014

a) back squat:
  • 8 reps at 100 pounds
  • 8 reps at 110 pounds
  • 6 reps at 125 pounds
  • 6 reps at 130 pounds

b) bench press:
  • 10 at 75 pounds
  • 8 at 80 pounds
  • 6 at 85 pounds

c) kettlebell front squat: 4 sets of 8 at 26 pounds per hand

d) 3 sets of:
  • 12 right arm trap raise with 5 pound plate
  • 12 lateral raises with 5 pounds per hand
  • 12 left arm trap raises with 5 pound plate
  • 12 front raises with 10 pound plate

e) 12 barbell bicep curls 

f) 3 sets of 10 child-weighted ab-mat sit-ups [and the child weighs almost 23 pounds, b''h!]

it felt IMMEASURABLY delightful to get back into the gym after a week of brisket and local ice cream and tacos. however, flying from maryland to texas and back again did something awful to my lower left back, and thankfully my coach decided to take it a bit easier on the strength training [except for back squats, because back squats]. i would be headed back to the gym today, but my little lion just got a round of m.m.r. + chicken pox + pneumonia vaccinations, so i am letting him nap as long as he needs. sleepy, slightly feverish baby trumps all the gains in the world. 

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